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Phases – The Poetic Dissection of Emotional Transitions

PRETTYMUCH’s ‘Phases’ is not just a melodic crusade through the heart’s complexities, but an odyssey of loyalty and evolution. The track delivers a punch of raw emotional truth sandwiched within its beat-driven refrains. It is a tale of personal growth wrapped within the trials and tribulations of young love.


“Stars” by PrettyMuch

Simply put, this is a love song. And its shtick, if you will, features the homeys utilizing a number of cosmic-related metaphors – such as the song’s title for instance – to point to the...

Up to You

“Up to You” by PrettyMuch (ft. NCT Dream)

PrettyMuch’s “Up to You” reads as somewhat of an ode to the notion of female consent. The singers are addressing their respective romantic interests, who as usual is referred to as a singular entity. And the...

Me Necesita

“Me Necesita” by Prettymuch & CNCO

Sentimentally, “Me Necesita” is more or less your average young adult love song. As far as its storyline, it is a tale of mutual romantic infatuation, if you will, between the singer and the addressee...

Rock Witchu

“Rock Witchu” by PRETTYMUCH

The easiest way to describe Prettymuch’s “Rock Witchu” is that it features the band trying to entice a certain romantic interest(s). That is to say that the boys have found someone they like and for...


“Lying” by Prettymuch (ft. Lil Tjay)

This song is centered on Prettymuch “lying” to their ex-girlfriends. Put differently, when they are communicating with their exes, the sentiments they express to them are not genuine. For instance, Nick and Edwin may “congratulate”...


“Eyes Off You” by PRETTYMUCH

PRETTYMUCH’s “Eyes Off You” is based on the adoration the singers feel towards their special someone, especially in regards to how she looks. Or as the chorus puts it, they ‘cannot take their eyes off...

Prettymuch's "Gone 2 Long"

“Gone 2 Long” by Prettymuch

This is a love song in which the band is basically singing to a girl they miss. And they are taking the humble approach as in consistently acknowledging that they are suffering without her...


“Phases” by PRETTYMUCH

This track is centered on the “phases” the love interest of PRETTYMUCH, who is the focus of this song, is going through. In other words, the girl being addressed is trying to find herself and...