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“RAPSTAR” by Polo G

The hip-hop industry has been experiencing sort of a spiritual awakening as of late concerning what is perennially a favorite topic of famous rappers, which is having more money than the rest of us. For...

Polo G

“Epidemic” by Polo G

Polo G’s “Epidemic” tries to address some societal issues such as firearms and street gangs among American youth. Polo G begins by highlighting how these problems have taken away the lives of some people...

Bop It

“Bop It” by Fivio Foreign (ft. Polo G)

Recorded as the first official collaboration between Polo G & Fivio Foreign, “Bop It” is the second track off Fivio’s 2020 “B.I.B.L.E” album. It was made commercially available on October 2, 2020. The production was carried out by...