“Last One Standing” by Skylar Grey, Polo G, Mozzy & Eminem

Cutting right to the chase, “Last One Standing” is a come-up song. Or more specifically Skylar Grey, who holds down the chorus, presents herself (and by extension her co-vocalists) as “the last one standing”. Now what this means in context is that she has faced a number of harrowing challenges, ‘struggling to survive’ even, before becoming the successful artist we all know today. 

Essentially, she is saying we may see the product, but we don’t see the ingredients, so to speak, that went into creating it. So being that this song actually opens with said chorus, we already have an idea of how the subsequent rappers are approaching this piece.

Polo G

So Polo G commences by, perhaps as to be expected, pointing to his pre-fame life in the ‘hood. However, he doesn’t harp on the past per se but rather uses it to by and large illustrate that he always had big dreams, despite what circumstances may have been surrounding him. 

And he acknowledges what was implied earlier, that while now the world may perceive him as some type of success story, that’s only because we were not there to witness all of the mistakes he made in the process.


And so it is with Mozzy, even though his verse takes more of a gangsta-oriented stance. Or put differently, he primarily attributes his come-up to a wherewithal to concentrate and stay committed throughout the ups and downs of keeping it ‘hood.


Now usually when Eminem participates on one of these posse cuts, his words take on an added dimension of relevancy, if you will, considering that he’s the most commercially-successful rapper in history and all. 

So for instance, when he alludes to his pre-fame days, well, that seems like a lifetime ago. But of course hardship can come in a number of different ways. And accordingly his lengthy verse sorta brings the whole track home by implying that this piece isn’t really about ascending from poverty per se, as come-up songs tend to be, but more along the lines of overcoming mental demons, as some would put it. 

Or let’s say that, as presented by Slim Shady, there’s more to being successful than just possessing a strong desire to be so. For one must also practice a hard work ethic. And furthermore, as can also be ascertained from his lyrics, one also has to be able to possess the actual belief that success is achievable (i.e. positivity thinking). 

So as with Skylar and the others, he is letting the audience know that the riches and fame he achieved wasn’t something that someone just gave to him. Rather, he had to work for it and, like Mozzy, stay committed. But of course looking at him now, it’s not like a person can visibly see the struggles that he went through in the process.

“The Last One Standing” is an Inspirational Piece

All of that said, this tune is part of the soundtrack, the theme song actually to the second installment in the Venom franchise. And on the surface (i.e. us having not yet watched the film), the lyrics don’t seem to have diddlysquat to do with the plot of said movie. But perhaps there is some element therein that we’re not yet aware of. However, the more logical conclusion would be that Skylar Grey and co. intended this more as a general, albeit braggadocious, dose of inspiration.

"Last One Standing" Lyrics

Facts about “Last One Standing”

Of all the headline artists participating on this track, it is of course Eminem and Skylar Grey who possess the most notable collaboration history together. And said history actually dates back to both being featured on a 2011 Dr. Dre track, “I Need a Doctor“, which proved to be a notable hit.

Meanwhile, as compared to their more tenured co-stars, Polo G and Mozzy, both being rappers, are more like the new kids on the block. And the two of them have teamed up before. The former featured on the latter’s 2020 song “Pricetag”.

Meanwhile “Last One Standing” came out, via Aftermath Entertainment and its long-standing partner in the game, Interscope Records.

It was officially released on 30 September 2021. It is actually part of the soundtrack to the Spiderverse flick that was released concurrently (in the US) entitled Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021). In that regard, it can perhaps be considered the lead single if an associated album is forthcoming.

Last One Standing

More Facts

Eminem actually dropped a track that was featured on the original Venom film, which came out in 2018. (However, said song did not make the playlist of the actual soundtrack of the movie, as issued by Sony Classical Records.) That song, which itself is entitled “Venom, proved to be a mild hit by Eminem standards, i.e. charting in 20+ countries and earning quite a few certifications but not selling like a gazillion copies.

Even though, all four vocalists are given equal billing, Skylar Grey is recognized as the primary artist of “Last One Standing”.

The teasing of this track began in late September, 2021.  

“Last One Standing” was produced by Danny Majic and DJ Frank E, both of whom are also given songwriting credit also. And the other author, besides the four vocalists, is Jim Lavigne.

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