“Rich MF” by Trippie Redd (ft. Polo G and Lil Durk)

Well needless to say, “Rich MF” is a braggadocious song which centers on the artists’ wealth.  Besides referring to himself directly as a “rich moth-rf–ker” and noting that he rocks “Cuban link” bling, Trippie Redd doesn’t really go there in the chorus. 

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Rather he also uses the passage to also go out on a couple of tangents, such as displaying himself as a playa who only interest in romantic partners is bonking them. But the first verse, which Trippie also holds down, is more to the established point, i.e. the rapper for instance depicting himself as someone who rolls with an entourage of “14 Suburbans”, i.e. full-sized SUVs, “like the president”. 

Redd also boasts of owning his own Lamborghini – which by the way is an very expensive car – as well purchasing high-end items for his significant other. Later on during the segment, interesting to note is that the vocalist sorta depicts himself as a drug dealer. 

And yes, we know that making such an assertion isn’t anything unusual in the world of rap music. But the reason we’ve marked it as interesting is because he also sorta alludes to such – or more specifically his brother being engaged in such an occupation – on iPhone and likely other tracks found on Trip at Knight, once we get around to analyzing them.

Polo G

Meanwhile Polo G doesn’t talk about riches at all.  Instead his verse is used to present himself as a gunslinger. For instance, despite Polo being “a handsome motherf—er”, well, don’t let the good looks fool you. For if need be, as depicted he won’t hesitate to resort to the gat. And it can be said that the main point of his verse is to warn others, i.e. opps, that G and his people are in fact living that life.

Lil Durk

So with all of the aforementioned ideas in mind, there really isn’t anything different about Lil Durk’s verse, as he also goes about coming off as a p*ssy-getting, street-based tough guy. But there are a couple of lines worth singling out.  For instance, interesting to note is that like Trippie Redd before him, Durk also namedrops Hermès, you know, to point out the types of expensive items he can easily afford. 

Also he gives a shoutout to one Big Meech, a legendary, real-life gangster from the Midwest, i.e. the part of the country where these three vocalists also come from. Meech, who was heavily involved in drug trafficking, was slapped with a 30 year prison sentence in 2005. So what Durk is calling for, considering that Meech is still incarcerated, is his freedom.

The Conclusion of “Rich MF”

So conclusively, even though this song has an established theme, it is one of those cyphers whereas the vocalists, all of whom are established rappers, are afforded leeway in terms of what they spit. But that said of course, given their personas, backgrounds and the genre of music they specialize in, the main goal of course would be to depict themselves, most simply put, as playas and gangstas.

Lyrics to "Rich MF" by Trippie Redd

“Rich MF” Facts

Primary Artist(s): Trippie Redd
Featured Artist(s): Polo G and Lil Durk
Album/EP: “Trip At Knight” 

Did Trippie Redd release “Rich MF” as a single?

“Rich MF” saw its commercial release on August 20 of 2021. But it wasn’t a single. That said, Trip at Knight‘s official singles include: “Miss the Rage” and “Holy Smokes”.

Writing Credits

Redd worked with a bunch of other writers to create this song. In addition to Polo and Durk, the other writers of “Rich MF” are:

  • HerreraBeats
  • JTBeatz
  • Young Cutta
  • Turn Me Up Josh
  • Hitmaka
  • Ivory Scott

Production Credits

The production team of “Rich MF” is also quite sizeable, consisting of 5 of its co-writers. They are listed below:

  • Hitmaka
  • Josh
  • HerreraBeats
  • JTBeatz
  • Cutta
Rich MF

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