“Feline” by Juice WRLD, Polo G & Trippie Redd

The titular “feline” is actually a reference to the opps of the vocalist(s). Or put more frankly, that is Juice WRLD and co.’s roundabout way of referring to their rivals as ‘p**si*s’, i.e. dudes who are not as manly as they are. 

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And no, that is not to imply that said opps won’t smoke them if they get the chance. Rather all things considered, referring to these enemies in such a manner is meant to discourage them. And such would also be why, hypothetically speaking, Juice is in fact threatening to murder his enemies, as a means of disheartening them, though he may well mean so literally also. And so it is with Polo G’s and Trippie Redd’s respective verses. 

It is obvious that “Feline” is intended to be a gunplay song, one in which the rappers are tasked with poetically, if you will, illustrating how they will kill their opps. And as implied by the title, permeating throughout is this subtheme of said opps being inferior, i.e. the vocalists and their gangs being more heartless, rugged, trigger-happy or what have you than that of their rivals.

Lyrics for "Feline"

Release Date of “Feline”

This is the eleventh track from Juice’s second posthumous album. The said album, which goes by the title “Fighting Demons” officially came out on 10th December, 2021 by the courtesy of the following labels:

  • Interscope Records
  • Grade A Productions

The album was promoted by two official singles, namely: “Already Dead” and “Wandered to LA“. Another song from the album (“Girl of My Dreams“) was also released purely as a promotional single in support of the album.


Including the song’s three primary artists (Juice, Polo and Trippie), the following artists also partook in the song’s composition:

  • Nicholas Mira
  • Sidepce

Being primarily record producers, both Sidepce and Mira also handled Feline‘s production.


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