“Distraction” by Polo G

The way the titular term reads, as used in the chorus, comes off as if Polo G is saying that if you’re not with him, then you’re against him. Or as he puts, either a person is around to edify his life “or be a distraction”. Apparently in the name of illustrating that point, what the verses center on is his true homeys. Or more specifically, Polo is reminding listeners that he is in fact from the mean streets of “Chiraq”, aka the ‘hoods of Chicago. And ultimately, the main theme of this track is based on the notion of the vocalist rolling with some faithful thugs, the types who roll hard and are always on call.

Outside of that, another notable line in the chorus finds G admitting that he is a “fiend for… ecstasy” who “couldn’t keep from relapsing”. And many fans of the rapper know based on past admittances that he has in fact struggled with drugs, to the point of nearly dying as a result a couple of years back. But to reiterate, Polo uses “Distraction” primarily as an opportunity to buttress the notion that he is akin to a gun-toter, i.e. the kind of person that if you get into beef with, you’re going to have to deal with him and his “shottas”.

Lyrics to Polo G's "Distraction"

More about “Distraction”

At the dropping of this track on 3 June 2022, this song most likely marks a the lead single of a collaborative project between Polo G and Southside, with the name of said album being “Northside”. 

Southside, who hails from the ATL, is primarily a producer, which is the role he served, alongside CuBeatz, on this track. And both of them are also credited as writers of “Distraction” alongside Polo G.

Polo teased the forthcoming of this track about a week before it was officially released.

The music video to this track was directed by Christian Breslauer, and the label that put it out is Columbia Records.


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