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90210 by Wale Lyrics Meaning – Unmasking the Illusion of Hollywood Glamour

In the glossy realm of Hollywood, where the allure of fame and fortune often blurs the lines between reality and fantasy, rapper Wale’s ‘90210’ offers a piercing glimpse behind the velvet curtain. The song becomes an introspective narrative, exposing the dark side of a glamorous life that many chase, but few truly comprehend.

Poke It Out

“Poke It Out” by Wale (ft. J. Cole)

Don’t let the beginning of “Poke It Out” fool you, where Wale commences the track by alluding to the notion that stardom has denied him access to true love. For shortly thereafter, the song effectively transforms...

Wales' "Lotus Flower Bomb"

“Lotus Flower Bomb” by Wale (ft. Miguel)

The title of this song (“Lotus Flower Bomb”) serves as a creatively-loving appellation which the vocalist(s) has concocted to refer to the apple of his eye. That individual would be the addressee. And based on...

On Chill

“On Chill” by Wale (ft. Jeremih)

The primary idea Wale’s “On Chill” seems to be based on is Wale taking it slow in building a relationship with a new girlfriend. The main reason for him conducting himself in this way is...