“Dis-ease” by BTS

The title of this track (“Dis-ease”) is meant to be sort of a double entendre. Within the theme of the entire Be album, it is premised on how BTS is dealing with the coronavirus, which itself is of course a disease. However, you may notice that the title features a hyphen between the words dis and ease, thus spelling out “dis-ease”. Broken down in such a manner, the term alludes more to a lack of ease than an actual sickness. And along those lines, certain members of the crew point to the idea that they’re actually addicted to hard work ethic. That is to say that the “dis-ease” they experience emanates from a genuine inability to relax. 

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But some parts of the song, such as the bridge for example, do read as if the boys are referring to a conventional disease like COVID-19. And in that regard, even we can even say in summarizing the entire song, the message they are putting forth is a desire to venture into the future without fear or anxiety. Simply put, whether it’s “disease” or “dis-ease”, they reason to “treat” the condition “calmly”.

The writing team behind this song consists of the following:

  • Ghstloop
  • Ivan Jackson
  • Pdogg
  • Randy Runyon
  • RM (BTS)
  • J-Hope (BTS)
  • Suga (BTS)
  • Jimin (BTS) 

It was Jimin who wrote the bridge, and he reportedly did so in just a few minutes.

The producer of “Dis-ease” is a musical duo known as Basstracks (Ivan Jackson and Conor Rayne).

This track came out on 20 November 2020, being a part of BTS second album of that year, Be

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