Meaning of Phuck It by Coi Leray

“Phuck It” by Coi Leray is a bold and confident track that showcases a blend of empowerment, luxury, and sensuality. Here’s a breakdown of its meaning:

Empowerment and Confidence: The chorus, with its repetitive “f–k it, feel it, zip, unzip it,” suggests a carefree attitude and self-assuredness. Coi Leray is expressing that she is in control of her choices and is unapologetic about her actions.

Luxury and Affluence: The lyrics make multiple references to high-end brands and lavish lifestyles. With lines like “This brand new foreign I’m pushin’ in” and “All-white Dior I’m kickin’ in,” Leray emphasizes her success and affinity for luxury.

Sensuality: The song does not shy away from exploring sensuality. With lines referencing intimate moments and attraction, Leray portrays a confident, empowered approach to her sexuality.

Relationship Dynamics: The lyrics touch on the dynamics of attraction and relationships. Leray portrays herself as a woman who knows her worth, with lines like “He fallin’ in love with this pu–y, I’m fallin’ in love with the way that he spend.” She implies a transactional dynamic, suggesting that if her partner treats her right, particularly in a materialistic sense, she might reciprocate with affection.

Unapologetic Attitude: Throughout the song, Leray exudes an unapologetic stance, whether it’s about her lifestyle, her body, her choices, or her relationships. This can be seen as a declaration of self-worth and autonomy.

In summary, “Phuck It” by Coi Leray is an anthem of empowerment, luxury, and sensuality. The track serves as a declaration of self-worth, success, and control in various aspects of life, from relationships to personal choices.

When was Phuck It released?

23rd June, 2023 marks the official release date of the song.

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