“Colourblind” by Tones and I

The lyrics of Tones and I’s “Colourblind” begin with the line “sweet talks on a Sunday afternoon”. According to Tones and I, this harps back to the moment where it seems her actual employer encouraged her to give up her job and pursue her destiny via busking, which as we now all know eventually led to her becoming an international music star. But more specifically, these individuals were friends whom the singer “left behind” in the pursuit of said destiny. Or in the very least this is how she perceives they must feel, as if she has abandoned them. Or another way of looking at it is that she is basically grieving over no longer being around her true friends.

The second verse of “Colourblind” seems to detail her disposition while actually out hustling. The listener can tell that this was indeed an exciting time in the life of the singer and those around her. But amidst her enthusiasm she also once again remembers her friends of days past. And this time she worries that as time away from them progresses, they will in fact fundamentally forget she even exists.

But with all of that being said, the overall sentiment of “Colourblind” is one where Tones and I is assuring these loved ones that no matter what’s transpiring in the here and now or even into the future, they ‘stay on her mind’. So this is in fact a love song though more of the philia variety. The singer is reminding her friends, indeed the same people who help her set out on her life’s journey, that she remains appreciative of their roles in her life, even if she doesn’t interact with them regularly.

What’s the meaning of “Colourblind” as used in the song?

As for the title of the song itself, whereas the word “colourblind” is mentioned in the first verse, its meaning in relation to the overall narrative is a bit of a mystery.

Lyrics of “Colourblind” by Tones and I

Writing Credits

This is yet another song which Tones and I have both written and produced herself.

Release Date

The track came out as part of her first EP titled “The Kids Are Coming”, on 30 August 2019. Both song and EP were released by Bad Batch Records. For the record, the year in which Tones and I actually did begin busking was 2017.

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