“Never Seen the Rain” by Tones and I

Tones and I explained “Never Seen the Rain” as being centered on an individual(s) who is stuck in a cycle of mediocrity. According to Tones, this individual is being confined to such due to their fear of failure. Thus that is ultimately what the concept all of the elaborate metaphors used throughout are intended to lead us to. And we’re going to proceed forward presuming that the addressee falls under aforementioned personality type. 

Now operating under this premise, ‘seeing the rain’ would be something akin to actually breaking this cycle. This is apparent because said individual is said to have never actually seen it. However, it is something which the narrator herself apparently has access to. This is also apparent because when the addressee feels depressed or defeated, they go to the narrator for support. Or put differently, they go to her to get access to the rain or in acknowledgement of her being someone who has actually experienced in. That is the narrator has proven herself stronger than the addressee, to the point of being able to support this individual. 

And that being said, the lyrics of this song require an imaginative approach in order to be understood within their intended context.

Lyrics of “Never Seen the Rain”

Facts about “Never Seen the Rain”

“Never Seen the Rain” peaked on number 10 on Tones and I’s native ARIA Chart (Australia). It reached number 9 in nearby New Zealand Hot Singles.

The music video to this track had Nick Kozakis as its director.

“Never Seen the Rain” was produced by Konstantin Kersting. It was written exclusively by Tones and I.

The song was released on 15 July 2019 through Bad Batch Records.

Tones released this tune as the third single from her maiden EP. The EP in question is titled “The Kids Are Coming”. And it produced a number of hits, including the famous “Dance Monkey

Does this song make use of any samples?

No, it doesn’t.

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2 Responses

  1. Rob Spalding says:

    Music is now my deepest cushion, since being diagnosed with Complex PTSD following 16yrs as a frontline Police Officer in Englamd and having been medically retired very recently.
    I have been applauded on many occasions for my ability to string words together in rhyme that evoke powerful emotions however I declare this to he the most powerful and relatable song I have ever heard in my 50yrs on this planet.
    Simply beautiful.

  2. Rorisang says:

    This song gets me in my feelsall the time and it just reminds me of my childhood and how i was pushed around and felt like i was being used i can realte to this song big time

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