Conan Gray – Wish You Were Sober

Conan Gray’s “Wish You Were Sober” is centered on the singer being in a romantic relationship with a person who, succinctly put, is an alcoholic. According to Gray’s own explanation of the lyrics, he was once involved with an individual who was not privy with showing affection unless she was smashed. And here we are given more personal details of this person. What it all basically boils down to, as he explained, is that said individual really likes drinking and then getting close to him. 

Contrastingly he’s not fond of alcohol nor the types of party scenes that they enjoy. So by this point in their relationship, he is perceiving them unfavorably and is obviously contemplating ending it altogether.

Lyrics of "I Wish You Were Sober"


The narrator (Conan Gray) has hooked up with a amazing person. He likes this person. However, the person’s alcoholic ways turn him off!

Writing Credits

Gray penned this song with assistance from American producer and songwriter, Dan Nigro. Nigro also exclusively handled the song’s production. Gray and Nigro have a very extensive collaboration history, including on the following tracks:

Conan Gray, said he wrote this track about someone who found it difficult to tell him they liked him. According to him, the only time the person could tell him that they liked him was when they were drunk.

Release Date of “Wish You Were Sober”

Republic Records released this song on 18 March 2020. It was the fifth single from Conan’s maiden album, “Kid Krow”.

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