“Telepath” by Conan Gray

telepath is someone who, most simply put within the context of this song, can read other people’s minds. And in this case, said “telepath” would be the vocalist himself, and the person whose he’s exercising his powers on is the addressee, his girlfriend.

And Conan is not reading her mind in like a comic book sense. Rather, he is predicting her behavior based on an established pattern. And in that regard, the addressee comes off as one of those types of romantic partners who likes to break up frequently. Or explained otherwise, at the slightest sign of discomfort in the relationship, she’s ready to bounce and isn’t afraid to express and behave herself so. 

But of course such feelings of frustration are only temporary. So inevitably, when she gets ‘bored’ and “drunk” enough, homegirl is, once again knocking on Conan’s door, “asking… for a kiss” after just the day prior dissing the damn out of him.

And it would seem that for the most part, even though the vocalist may be getting pissed as a result, he’s taking it all in stride. He understands this is a personality trait his sweetheart possesses. He has therefore learned not to overreact when she spazzes. 

And it can even be ascertained that Conan understands the reason his lady is behaving so is because she’s actually dealing with some mild mental issues.

Lyrics of Conan Gray's "Telepath"


Conan Gray enlisted some top-notch help in terms of putting this song together. On the production side we have Dan Nigro. Dan is the primary musician behind Olivia Rodrigo’s recent and massive come-up. 

And besides Gray, the song’s other writers include Ilya. Ilya is known for contributing to some of Taylor Swift and Ariana Grande’s biggest hits.

Another co-writer of “Telepath” is Julia Michaels. Julia is a singer in her own right who is also an expert songwriter. 

And the lesser known Caroline Ailin was also involved in the authorship of “Telepath”.

Conan Gray

Conan is a singer who spent his formative youth years growing up in a city in Texas known as Georgetown. 

Currently being 22 years old, thus far he has dropped one LP, 2020’s Kid Krow, which made a considerable amount of noise, such as peaking at number 5 on the Billboard 200. 

And concerning his unique, exotic looks, let it be known that Conan is actually half-Japanese. 

Moreover, “Telepath” will theoretically be featured on his eventual second studio album, though such an announcement has yet to be officially made.


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  1. candy says:

    hi i love his songs

  2. Anonymous says:

    hi i don´t think Conan is refering to a woman in this song since he is pretty gay yk?

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