“Movies” by Conan Gray

“Movies” tersely delineates the timeline of the romantic relationship between Conan Gray and addressee. What the title represents is the former’s ideological vision for this association – one in which their romance will play out like those found in the movies – which tend to end up being perfect.

And at first that’s how things are depicted, as if everything is going smoothly, with the vocalist and addressee being in love. Indeed things are going so well that Conan cannot believe it’s real.

But by the time all is said and done, said era reads like the euphoria stage. So shortly after the first verse, we find the vocalist contrasting that image by rather noting that this relationship “ain’t like the movies”, even though he wishes it to be. 

Once the second verse rolls around, we see that the romance has apparently proceeded to a point where it would appear, based on the vocalist’s estimation, that the addressee is cheating, i.e. ‘still loving her ex’, to Conan’s dismay. And to note, said ex is identified as a female, connoting that either the vocalist is dating a lesbian or another man. Or rather let’s say dated, as the conclusive observations (i.e. the bridge) pretty much implies that the two of them have gone their separate ways.

Lyrics to Conan Gray's "Movies"

When was “Movies” released?

Conan got around to releasing his second-studio album, “Superache”, on 24 June 2022. This album, like “Kid Krow” that preceded it, is a product of Republic Records. And “Movies” marks the opening track on the project’s 12 song (standard) playlist.


“Movies” was produced by Dan Nigro, who held down said role on virtually every song found on “Superache”. And Nigro also co-wrote this track with Conan Gray.


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