“Criminal” by TAEMIN

‘Criminal’ is a piece about being attracted to someone so much despite the fact that the person in question is a criminal. The term ‘criminal’ is more so a metaphorical theme for anyone who has succeeded in running away with another person’s heart. The perils of dangerous love form the basis of the song.

Taemin’s vocals are sumptuous and enhance the overall essence of the music. The lyrics have been well-crafted and aptly reflect the range of emotions that people in love go through. All of us have experienced situations whereby we want more of a person despite the fact that they may not be right for us. Toxic relationships often bear the hallmark of this. However, forbidden love also holds the same allure. Whatever the interpretation, ‘Criminal’ is certainly a feast for the senses for fans of Taemin and casual listeners alike. 

‘Criminal’ was released by SHINee and SuperM member Taemin on August 4, 2020. It is the first song of his third full-length album Never Gonna Dance Again: Act 1. 

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