“Telepathy” by BTS

The name of the BTS album this song is featured on is Be. And thematically, that project is premised on what the band is experiencing emotionally and professionally as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. So understandably on some of its tracks, the boys address the issue of being physically separated from their loyal, millions-strong fanbase due to the ubiquitous lockdown measure that have been put in place. And according to Jin, this is the reality upon which “Telepathy” is based.

The word telepathy of course centers on the concept of being able to communicate with someone mentally as opposed to verbally. And in a roundabout way such is the message BTS are putting forth, that they still share a strong connection with their fans despite being “far away” from them. In fact this is a band who regularly shows appreciation for their followers via their music. Members of the ARMY, as they are called, know that they are appreciated. Indeed one can’t help but to feel this way when for instance your favorite artist refers to you as “the most special person” and things of the such. 

So tunes like this aren’t necessarily anything new as far as BTS are concerned. But in this particular case, they are doing so within the context of a forced separation from the ARMY.

This track was produced by El Capitxn and Hiss Noise, both South Korean musicians who have prior working experience with BTS. And the two producers also wrote the song alongside the following BTS members:

  • Jungkook
  • RM
  • Suga

Be, BTS’s second album of the year 2020, came out on 20 November, with this track “Telepathy” being the fifth song on its tracklist. And the following labels are behind this particular project:

  • Columbia Records
  • Big Hit Entertainment

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