“Dance” by Toni Braxton

In “Dance”, Toni Braxton convinces herself that she can get over her ex by simply dancing. Supposing that dancing is an activity she enjoys doing, she plans to focus on the joy it brings to her while forgetting her awful relationship with her ex.

She recalls how this person made her think she was his only woman and promised not to hurt her. She realizes after they have parted ways that he was a cheat and almost everybody knew about it except for her. Now that she sees the truth, she decides to put an end to her emotional distress and totally get over him.

In order to emphasize on how fast she wants to get over him, she suggests that she could forget about him in a matter of minutes when the DJ plays a tune and she starts dancing to it.

“Dance” Particulars

Writing: Antonio Dixon in partnership with Toni Braxton
Production: Dixon
Album: Toni’s “Spell My Name”
Release: July the 31st of 2020

Did Toni release”Dance” as a single?

Yes. Through Island Records, Toni dropped this as the second single from her 2020 album “Spell My Name”.

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