“Do It (Remix)” by Toni Braxton (ft. Missy Elliot)

Diving straight into the center of the matter, what the singer is encouraging the addressee/herself to “do” is cutoff a toxic partner. There are many reason presented as to why said romance is less-than-ideal. Indeed according to Missy’s verse, her partner is even physically abusive. But the bottom line is that the vocalists have reached the stage where they have concluded that there’s nothing to be gained by perpetuating relationships with their partners. And as aforementioned, they are encouraging women who are dealing with similar matters to dead said romances ASAP.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Toni Braxton & Missy Elliot's Do It (Remix) at Lyrics.org.

Summary: Women who are going through the B.S. with their romantic partners are encouraged to just dump them.

The original version of “Do It”, which was released in early-April, 2020, is the lead single from Toni’s tenth-studio album. And as of the release of the remix on 26 June 2020, said album still has yet to receive its name.

This song was written by the following:

Antonio also served as the producer of the tune. And whereas he is credited as serving this role on both the original and the remix, Missy Elliott also made some contributions to the instrumental of the latter.

Prior to “Do It”, had Toni Braxton ever collaborated with Missy Elliot?

No. This remix saw the first ever Toni and Missy musical collaboration.

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