“Spanish Guitar” by Toni Braxton

“Spanish Guitar” is a track by Toni Braxton which was released in the year 2000 as a part of the album “The Heat”.

The song talks about feelings and desire. She mentions having feelings for a man who has no idea about her desires. She sits and watches this man play music while she wishes the man gave her at least as much attention as his Spanish guitar.

This man gets attention from different people because of his music that she doubts he even notices her watching and pining for him from her corner in the bar.

Toni goes on to mention all the different ways she would like for him to treat her. And they include holding her, caressing her and even looking at her.

Primary Theme

“Spanish Guitar” actually centers on unrequited feelings. It deals with how invisible a person can be in front of someone they have feelings for.

Facts about “Spanish Guitar”

Toni reportedly recorded this song between 1997 and 1999. Her management subsequently released it on the 25th of September 2000.

It was the third single Braxton released from the third studio album of her career titled “The Heat”.

Noted music video director Billie Woodruff handled the directing duties of “Spanish Guitar”. He was also responsible for directing Toni’s hit single “Un-Break My Heart“.

It entered the Hot 100 and peaked at the 98th position.

Toni Braxton didn’t write “Spanish Guitar”. It was written by American songwriter Diane Warren.

Canadian music executive and producer David Foster handled the song’s arrangement and production.

What musical genre is this Toni Braxton song?

Despite being a bona fide R&B track, it can also fit into the Latin pop music genre.

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