“Dear Jealousy” by Mika

As the title (“Dear Jealousy”) suggests, this song is addressed to “jealousy”. Jealousy is the characteristic whereby basically an individual is envious of another. And Mika acknowledges this trait as having an ever-present influence on his life. Indeed it is so encompassing that at times he may even feel jealous of himself. Also he presents “jealousy” as being all-pervasive. As such, it is something which “every single person” has to deal with. 

And to illustrate this point, Mika caricatures this mannerism as being sentient and actually pursuing people to infect. Moreover, he expresses a desire to be free from this attribute. Indeed Mika perceives feeling the “need to be the richest guy” as being a personality flaw. Instead he desires to face ‘the rough times’ with the same confidences that he does the good. But the song concludes along the lines of jealousy permeating in such a way that avoiding it is impossible.

Lyrics of "Jealousy"

Release Date of “Dear Jealousy”

This song was released by an international task force composed of three record labels, including Casablanca Records. And it was done so on 13 September 2019 as the fourth single from Mika’s album “My Name Is Michael Holbrook”.

The track was produced by the following record producers:

  • Mark Crew
  • Dan Priddy
  • George Moore

Moore also co-wrote the song along with Mika and another songwriter called Amy Wadge.

Did Mika release this as a single?

Yes. It was actually the fourth single Mika released from his “My Name Is Michael Holbrook”. The following songs were also released as singles from the album:

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