Mika’s “Tiny Love” Lyrics Meaning

“Tiny Love” is a love song with a strange sort of twist. Mika is highlighting the way he feels about his significant other not by drawing up elaborate imagery and metaphors. Rather he is very-practical in his approach, because that is the aspect of this romance which he appreciates the most.

In other words, this is a “tiny love”. That means he appreciates the little, intangible things about this relationship instead of any type of exotic or outstanding aspect of it. In fact, it doesn’t appear that there is much PDA or traveling in this relationship at all. Rather what Mika is focusing on is the small things, as some would say, which make their relationship special. Or another way of looking at it is that he appreciates his partner just for the person she is. And what he apparently cherishes the most about the relationship is the level of commitment between them.

But this is not to insinuate that he is not at all excited. Indeed to the contrary – his ‘dull life’ has now been replaced with “dancing”. And what he is celebrating obviously is finding someone whom he truly loves.

Based on his own words, Mika likely intended this song to be generally interpreted as one which can be imparted on any close associate. But for the most part, it reads as if he is singing about a romantic interest. And their relationship is marked by a “tiny love” which indeed may be unnoticeable to others. And basically, the idea he is putting forth is that whereas the feelings may appear small on the outside, on the inside he’s jumping for joy due to being with this particular individual.

Lyrics of "Tiny Love"

Release Date of “Tiny Love”

“Tiny Love” was released by Republic Records in partnership with Universal Music Group on 16 August 2019. This track features on Mika’s fifth-studio album. The title of that album is My Name Is Michael Holbrook, which is a phrase that actually makes an appearance in “Tiny Love”.

Did Mika write this song?

Yes. He wrote it along with another songwriter named David Sneddon.

The track’s producers are Mark Crew and Dan Priddy.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Just for other’s information, as far as I’m aware, Mika’s current partner is actually male so it is likely that he is writing about a male partner and not a female one, even though in the music video he is paired with a woman. 🙂

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