Mika’s “Lollipop” Lyrics Meaning

“Lollipop” is a song in which Mika is warning against falling in love too fast, especially in regards in engaging in hasty sensual relationships. The song is specifically catered towards young females, as Mika penned the song with advising his little sister against such actions in mind. And basically what we have here is the word “lollipop” being used as a metaphor for bedroom fun. And “sucking too hard on” it is tantamount to, once again, hastily jumping into intimate-romantic relationships.

There seems to be a part of the song also where, using a first-person example, Mika likewise warns boys against moving too fast. So despite this song containing allusions which unless a person is already privy to their meaning may prove difficult to decipher, still there is a general idea being put forth despite all of the colorful language. And that basic idea is “live your life until love is found”. 

In all, “Lollipop” is basically advocating the idea of exercising patience when it comes to getting romantically involved. And given its tone, it is also easy to conclude that it is geared specifically towards young people, especially girls.

Lyrics of "Lollipop"

Quick Facts about “Lollipop”

  • This song has made a number of appearances in the “Just Dance” videogame franchise.
  • “Lollipop” was released as the fifth single from Mika’s debut album on 31 December 2007. Mika titled that album Life in Cartoon Motion. And FYI, the hit song “Relax, Take It Easy” was also released as a single from this album.
  • The popular sketch-comedy program “Saturday Night Live” did a skit starring Hollywood actor Don Cheadle centered on this song.
  • “Lollipop” features uncredited vocals from Mika’s little cousin, Audrey Moukataff.
  • “Lollipop” charted throughout Europe, and it peaked at number 56 on the UK Singles Chart in Mika’s homeland.
  • Mika is the sole writer of “Lollipop”. He also produced it along with Greg Wells.
  • This song was featured on the 2015 American comedy movie “Pitch Perfect “.

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