“Ice Cream” by Mika

Mika’s “Ice Cream” is set on a very-hot day. And the narrator (Mika) dedicates quite a few bars to illustrating just how scorching it actually is, the type of heat that makes him desire “ice cream”.  However, he does not want this treat in a literal sense. Rather it serves as a metaphor for a romantic interest he desires intimately. So for instance, we find Mika using colorful language like he wants this person’s ‘ice cream melting on his tongue’.

But despite how the above statement may read, this song is not based on the lust or carnal desires of the singer. Rather it is intended to serve as a challenge to male listeners for them to be more forthcoming in expressing their desires. Or put differently, Mika wants them to be brave to enough to say, kick it to a someone they may be interested in rather than keeping those emotions inside.

Thus we have a track that begins on a completely-different subject (severe heat) but evolves into one in which the singer is letting a special someone know just how much he is interested in him.

Lyrics of "Ice Cream"

On which album is “Ice Cream”?

It is the lead single from Mika’s fifth album. Mika titled this album My Name Is Michael Holbrook. And Mika’s real name is actually Michael Holbrook Penniman Jr.

Mika’s Remarks on “Ice Cream”

This was one of the last songs Mika wrote for the album throughout its emotional two-year writing process.  He states that it “was written on a day of extreme heat in August” and accordingly it is like “a heat mirage”. According to him, during that mirage, he had dreams of having “summer flings with someone” he could never have. Or put differently, this track is an exercise in possibility thinking which “makes (him) feel like anything is possible”. 

Mika talks about the meaning of "Ice cream"

Writing and Production Credits

Mika wrote “Ice Cream” with Daniel Black. The latter proceeded to produce the song with the following record producers:

  • Mark Crew
  • Dan Priddy.

 Release Date

“Ice Cream” was released on 31 May 2019. The song’s release was made possible by  the record labels below:

  • Republic Records
  • Casablanca Records
  • Universal Music Group.

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