Demi Lovato’s “Commander in Chief” Lyrics Meaning

On “Commander in Chief”, Demi Lovato directly criticizes President Trump on some of his reactions towards crucial issues prevalent in 2020. In an attempt to evoke answers from him, she asks a number of very pertinent questions. And most of these questions concern his responses to the issues surrounding racial injustice and the Coronavirus pandemic which had affected several citizens around the time the song was written.

The track begins with the singer calling Trump out for being selfish and not caring about the people suffering. And this is due to his “lackadaisical” response to a number of issues in America such as the following:

  • California fires
  • The coronavirus pandemic
  • Police brutality
  • Racial injustice

She questions how he is able to breathe and sleep knowing that several people are dying and the country is in a state of crisis.

In the bridge, Demi admonishes her listeners not to give up fighting for the right thing to be done. She encourages protests, most likely the Black Lives Matter Movement. Furthermore, she encourages Americans to exercise their rights by voting in the 2020 Presidential Elections.

Demi talks about “Commander in Chief”

Speaking to CNN regarding the concept of the song, Demi Lovato explained the purpose of this song. According to her, she wrote it for others to hear it so that Trump will have to answer some of the questions posed not only to her but to everyone.


Commander In Chief” is centered around President Donald Trump, with the singer boldly disapproving his perspectives on pertinent issues such as the COVID 19 pandemic, racial injustice and police brutality that affected the country particularly in 2020.

Release Date of “Commander in Chief”

Demi and her team released this anti Trump song on 14th October, 2020. It is a product of her “Survivor“.  

Writing Credits

Demi Lovato co-wrote this with a number of big names in the music industry. Her co-writers include the following:

  • Julia Michaels
  • Eren Cannata
  • Justin Tranter

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