“Dior” by Pop Smoke

On the chorus of this song Pop Smoke is addressing a romantic interest. And one of the things he apparently states is his willingness to buy expensive brands for her such as “Christian Dior”, thus the title of the tune. However, this is not to imply that this is someone he is necessarily taking seriously. In fact all things considered, you can say that lady he is speaking to is akin to a club dancer.

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Meanwhile in addition to referencing adult-themed clubs, the track’s verse deals with a number of different topics. First and foremost we can say is gun violence, a subject which is also explored in the song’s intro. And in that regard, in addition to threatening to send his opps “to heaven”, Pop also lets it be known that he always keeps a burner close by. Additionally he dedicates a few notes to giving shoutouts to a couple of his homeys who are incarcerated. But in all honesty, the verse itself is centered on gunplay.

Lyrics of "Dior"

So basically what we have here is a song with two major themes. One would be Pop Smoke’s mannerisms in the club. And in addition to of course seeking pleasure in such a venue, he also lets it be known that he has money to spend. And secondly, he would seem to be telling his rivals that if they were in fact to get into beef with him, he has no issues with resorting to the gat. So generally speaking, “Dior” can be classified as a song about women and violence. But Pop also uses the occasion to make references to his wealth and his friends who are concurrently in a less-favorable condition.

Writing Credits for “Dior”

Pop Smoke (1999-2020) wrote “Dior” alongside the track’s producer, 808Melo.

Release Date

This song was released on 26 July 2019 as part of Pop Smoke’s debut album, “Meet the Woo”. It went on to become one of the signature songs of his brief career.

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