“Gangstas” by Pop Smoke

“Gangstas” features Pop Smoke bragging about the fact that he rolls with “gangsters”, i.e. violent street thugs. And by extension, he too partakes of such a lifestyle, as in someone who tends to live by the gun. Such is usual Pop Smoke fare. But the reason this track in particular has made headlines is because he apparently takes some lyrical jabs at another popular Brooklyn-based rapper, that being the ever-controversial 6ix9ine.  Indeed 6ix9ine is someone who Smoke had obviously criticized even shortly before he passed away in February 2020.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Pop Smoke's Gangstas at Lyrics.org.

CashMoneyAP and Swirv are the producers as well as co-writers of “Gangstas”. And the other co-writer was the late Smoke.

Victor Victor and Republic Records released this track in July 2020. It is track number 5 on the track listing of the first Pop Smoke album his management released after his death. Said album/project goes by the title “Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon”.

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