Pop Smoke – Welcome to the Party

“Welcome to the Party” is a true Brooklyn badboy rap brought to us from one of its up-and-coming artists, Pop Smoke.

In the chorus, he refers to the addressee as “baby”, which listeners may interpret as being aimed at a female friend. However, this song is focused on a number of topics. Thus “baby” signifies a number of individuals he can be addressing in a myriad of settings.

Smoke also mentions his partaking of hard substances, which their aftereffects being him “moving retarded”, as in unpredictably. And “the party” he is ‘welcoming’ the addressee to is not one in the traditional sense.  Rather the word “party” serves as a metaphor for practically any type of informal yet excitable interpersonal experience. Moreover when Smoke refers to himself as “a thot”, such is symbolic of the rapper equating himself to “a working girl”, as in a ‘hood dude who is down for anything. And all things considered, at the end of the day, the rapper’s affinity for gun violence is the one subject which truly dominates this song.

So the setting of this track is not, as the title implies, a dance-oriented social gathering. Rather “Welcome to the Party” is an ode to Pop Smoke’s wildness.  And to a lesser extent it also acknowledges his come up.

Facts about “Welcome to the Party”

Pop Smoke wrote this song with assistance from 808Melo, who also produced the track. 808Melo also worked with Pop Smoke on his 2020 hit song titled “Dior“.           

Pop Smoke stated that he created this song in his house within the time span of “like 30 minutes”.

“Welcome to the Party” was officially released by Republic Records and Victor Victor Worldwide on 23 April 2019.

Within “less than a month” after its release, this track had garnered over a million plays on the music sharing platform Soundcloud. During that same time frame, it received more than half a million views on YouTube.

Official Remixes

On the 15th of August 2019, Smoke dropped an official remix of this hit featuring Nicki Minaj. A day later, another official remix was released for the United Kingdom market. That version featured British rapper Skepta.

On which album is “Welcome to the Party”?

The song is contained in Pop Smoke’s maiden mixtape entitled “Meet the Woo”. Actually this song along with “Dior” was issued as the aforementioned mixtape’s official singles.

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