“Rose Colored Lenses” by Miley Cyrus

We’ve thus far covered a handful of songs from Miley Cyrus’s album “Endless Summer Vacation”, and a couple of them, such as “Rose Colored Lenses”, are pretty cleverly written. In this case, besides for Cyrus the track was co-authored by Tyler Johnson and Kid Harpoon. Johnson and Harpoon, who also produced this song, are highly-successful regular collaborators who most notably have attributed to Harry Styles’ incredible achievements as a soloist.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Miley Cyrus's Rose Colored Lenses at Lyrics.org.

But gushing aside, what we’re dealing with here is a love song. The vocalist and addressee are currently in what we like to refer to as the euphoria stage of romance. Said phase is characterized by feelings such as being most edified when you’re beside your boo and hoping that this unique bond you share will last “forever”. 

That’s what Miley means when she metaphorically states that the two of them are “wearing rose-colored lenses”. Their outlook of the world, in private and in each other’s arms, is 100% gravy.

“We could stay like this forever, lost in wonderland
With our head above the clouds, falling stupid like we’re kids
Wearing rose-colored lenses, let’s just play pretend
Wearing rose-colored lenses, pretend we’ll never end”

So the message of this song definitely differs from “Flowers” and “Jaded“, the two which respectively precede it on the playlist of “Endless Summer Vacation”. That title implies that the LP is meant to invoke a feel-good sensation rather than a focusing on failed relationships or dissatisfied exes. 

And interesting to note is that the phrase “endless summer vacation” is mentioned in the second verse of “Rose Colored Lenses”, as another analogy, if you will, pointing to the holistically-pleasing romance between the vocalist and addressee.


“Endless Summer Vacation” marks Miley Cyrus’s first album under Columbia Records, whom she got down with in 2021. Just prior to that, Miley was signed to another major label, RCA, with both being subsidiaries of an even bigger player in the game, Sony Music Entertainment.

Miley migrating over to Columbia was reportedly due to the fact that she has stronger roots associated with that label. The move was further inspired by the accomplishments of “Old Town Road” (2018), the historically-successful Lil Nas X track which her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, was heavily involved in propagating and which itself came out under Columbia.

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