“Body Do” by Chlöe

In “Body Do”, Chlöe speaks out about how men have a high tendency of cheating, and it has affected her greatly to the point that she can’t trust them anymore. This trickles down to her wanting nothing more than a physical relationship.

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In fact, this song was inspired by her real-life experiences. She was in a relationship with a man that was hurting her by cheating on her, and she ended up losing trust in him. The only exception was when he was in front of her, on the bed. As she’s familiar with what his body can do and trusts that with her own two eyes, she engages in nothing more than a physical relationship with him. In other words, he became her booty call.

Chlöe also said that this track was written in 5-10 minutes post break-up with said person. So despite it being a “twerkable bop”, the meaning behind it does hold some sadness. 

“You know I can’t trust you (Ah)
As far as I can throw you (Ah)
But I’ma trust what that body do (Ah)
Yeah, I’ma trust what that body do (Ah, ah)
Yeah, I could never ever love you (Ah)
‘Cause I could never ever trust you (Ah)
But I’ma trust what that body do (Ah)
‘Cause I can see what that body do, what that body do, hеy”

Release of “Body Do”

“Body Do” is the third song on the playlist of Chlöe’s debut studio offering, “In Pieces”. This song officially came out on the 24th of March 2023, a week before its album was released.  

Chlöe’s debut solo project was released via Columbia Records in collaboration with Parkwood Entertainment. “Pray It Away“, the album’s lead single was released on January 27 of 2023. It was followed by “How Does It Feel“, which dropped on February 24.

The title track of this project was issued as its third single on March 29. And the fourth single, “Cheatback”, was made public on March 31.

Credits for “Body Do”

The track was written and produced by the singer herself along with 2300. They received writing assistance from a songwriter who is known in the industry as Smokey.

Body Do

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