“I’m Not Human” by XXXTentacion & Lil Uzi Vert

Lil Uzi Vert is an artist who is known to regularly utilize a motif whereby he presents himself as being an extraterrestrial. Of course such references are symbolic. So it is in the case of the song “I’m Not Human” where Lil puts forth for instance that he ‘wants to be on his own planet’.

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But him and XXXTentacion stating that they’re “not human”, in this case, doesn’t necessarily read like they’re trying to say they’re aliens or anything like that. For instance, in the chorus XXX is obviously making such an assertion to allude to his character being such that he is able to endure an extraordinary amount of (emotional) pain. 

Indeed, the storyline we are met with here revolves most consistently around an unspecified addressee who goes about revealing his or her hurts to the vocalists. And part of what makes them “not human” is not only their propensity to absorb these sufferings but also simultaneously deal with their own.

I am accustomed to pain!

So perhaps the simplest way of interpreting the key theme at hand is as the vocalists finding themselves in a world where the likes of feeling depressed and suppressed are woefully common. But Uzi Vert and XXX have thick skins. Owing to these thick skins they wear, you’re never going to see them crying or moaning or anything like that.

Rather, the further implication is that having dealt with melancholy – both internally and externally – for so long has made them unresponsive in that regard. They have become so unresponsive to the point that they no longer possess a normal, “human” level of compassion and sensitivity.

Lyrics for "I’m Not Human"

When was “I’m Not Human” released?

XxxTentacion passed away at the age of 20 back in 2018. However, he still remains a relevant name in the game.

The dropping of “I’m Not Human” occurred on 23 January 2023. Interesting to note is that the song’s date of release would have been X’s 25th birthday if he were still around. 

This track was made public through Columbia Records and Bad Vibes Forever. The latter label was founded by Xxxtentacion.

The Collaboration

“I’m Not Human” marks the first collaboration between XXX and Uzi Vert. To note, the latter did express apprehensions in terms of collaborating with a deceased artist. According to him, he was not very cool with the idea of XXX not being around to actually approve of the finished product.

This song was initially teased the day prior to its release.

Credits for “I’m Not Human”

Production credit for this track is granted to XXXTentacion and one of his regular behind-the-scenes’ collaborators throughout the years, John Cunningham. Both are also given songwriting credit for “I’m Not Human”. Uzi Vert also receives co-writing credits.

I’m Not Human

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