“Do You Remember?” by Phil Collins

Facts and Meaning of the song “Do You Remember” by Phil Collins

Do You Remember? by Phil Collins

Facts and Meaning of Do You Remember by Phil Collins.

Do You Remember? is a song performed by British singer-songwriter Phil Collins. The lyrics of Do You Remember? talk about a man whose romantic relationship with his significant other fell apart because of neglect and lies on the part of his significant other. While many Collins fans feel that the song is autobiographical, Collins has never said anywhere that the song is about a past relationship.

In 1990, before performing the song live in Berlin during his Seriously Live World Tour, Collins said of the song as one that “looks back at what happens at the end of an old relationship.”

Do You Remember by Phil Collins

Collins performing “Do You Remember?” live in Berlin during his Seriously Live World Tour, Collins.

Our Favorite Line from the song “Do You Remember?”

There are a number of interesting and heartfelt lines from the song Do You Remember? , and one of our favorites is the line:

If we could try like we tried before, would you keep on telling me those lies?

Facts about “Do You Remember?” by Phil Collins

  • Both the music and lyrics of “Do You Remember?” were written by Phil Collins.
  • The song was first released in the United States on April 26, 1990.
  • The song was produced by Hugh Padgham and Collins.
  • Collins played the keyboards and percussion on the song.
  • The backing vocals on the song were provided by American singer and songwriter Stephen Bishop.
  • The renowned Welsh bassist Pino Palladino played bass on the track, whereas Daryl Stuermer, who is a longtime collaborator and friend of Collins, played guitar.
  • Do You Remember? did very well in the United States peaking at the number 1 and 4 positions on the U.S. Billboard Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks and U.S. Billboard Hot 100 respectively. The song also reached number 1 in Canada.
  • The song is one of the five singles released from Collins’ fourth studio album titled …But Seriously, which sold several millions of copies worldwide and became one of the bestselling albums of his career.
  • The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra (RPO) released an instrumental version of “Do You Remember?”, which in the early 1990s became very famous in a number of European countries, particularly Bulgaria.
  • Do You Remember? was the last Top 10 hit Collins achieved in the United States.

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