“Dummies” by Tom MacDonald

We’re not going to take our usual approach to Tom MacDonald songs by attempting to delineate everything he says. And why? Because as usual there is plenty being put forth therein. Also by this point, those of us familiar with his artistry already know what to expect – the rapper questioning the very fabric of contemporary mainstream Western (i.e. American) culture itself. 

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And along those same lines, the main point of this piece seemingly centers on Tom once again, akin to his disposition on songs like Snowflakes, attacking ‘woke’ and politically-correct ideologies. He attacks them for producing individuals who possess a less-than-ideal and pacified grip on reality – or “dummies”, as he calls them this time around.

1st Verse of “Dummies”

And even though we’ve opted not to do a bar-by-bar analysis, needless to say MacDonald does make a few really interesting statements that we can’t help but to highlight. For instance, he sets things off by expressing “love [for] the Earth”. However, at the same time he expresses a lack of desire to “save it”. 

The above is his roundabout way of saying, as put forth above, that he does not approve of the current trajectory of society. 

And as revealed later in the passage, one of the reasons why is because he doesn’t appreciate the propagation of homosexuality. Simply put, he doesn’t want his ‘son to grow up to be his daughter’. 

Well in reality a lot of artists, especially the likes of rappers, feel the same way. But chances are in this day and age you aren’t going to hear many of them speak out in that regard. And that is kinda like Tom’s beef throughout. And we can say that this ‘dummy’ classification he’s applying to the masses is akin to labeling them docile.

2nd Verse of “Dummies”

For instance, in the second verse he illustrates, using the example of White rappers and how “Beyoncé dyes her hair blonde”, that there is a double-standard in rap music and by extension mainstream culture at large. 

And before closing out the passage, Tom also bemoans, once again going back to that “save the planet” theme, how modern man has virtually no interest in environmental conservation, even though such is essential to our survival. 

3rd Verse of “Dummies”

He also harps on a related theme in the third verse, how children in particular are so hooked on devices that they’re not even interested in going outside or genuinely socializing anymore. 

And before closing out, the vocalist does something interesting. He gives a shoutout to persecuted, if you will, “straight White males” like MacDonald himself. This is a topic that has been perpetually on his lips as of late.

In Conclusion

So as put forth earlier, Dummies isn’t anything new in the world of Tom MacDonald. However, it may shock some listeners who perhaps don’t know how he gets down. And why? Because frankly speaking out against the system in such a manner definitely isn’t en vogue, especially as far as the music industry is concerned. 

Perhaps that’s why this particular rapper seems to prefer the flexibility of independence. But that said, Tom does appear to be coming bolder as time progresses. Or perhaps it can be put forth, considering that he drops songs so frequently, that constant practice is making him a better emcee.

Lyrics to Tom MacDonald's "Dummies"

Facts about “Dummies”

As usual with Tom McDonald singles, the music video to this track was directed by Nova Rockafeller. Actually MacDonald and Nova are romantic partners. At least as of the release date of “Dummies”, they are. They began dating somwhere back in 2017.

And also as is his standard, Tom served as both the producer and writer of Dummies. And according to Tom MacDonald’s Twitter account, the aforementioned video proceeded to reach nearly one and-a-half million views within just 24 hours.

At the time of this track’s release on 27 August 2021, it is being reported that Tom McDonald has two albums coming out the following week, on 3 September. 

As of the writing of this post, apparently the title of neither has yet to be revealed. But we are presuming that this track will be featured on one of the pair.


Tom MacDonald

Tom MacDonald, being an indie artist and all, may lack some of the industry advantages that mainstream rappers possess. But he is still a prolific musician. He has dropped 10 singles in 2021 prior to this one. 

One of those is the aforementioned Snowflakes. There is also the Eminem-inspired (and produced) Dear Slim. Then there is Brainwashed, a track he came out with just a couple of weeks prior to Dummies

And he also came out with a collaborative album, alongside Nova Rockafeller and one Brandon Hart, earlier in 2021 entitled “As Far as the Stars”.

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  1. Brandon says:

    He’s wasn’t attacking homosexuality with the line “and I really hope that my son doesn’t grow up to me my daughter” if you listen to the line that preceded that one it’s very clear that it’s a attack against the transsexual community. “Say that I’m transphobic if you wanna, but one day, I’ll be a father
    And I really hope my son don’t grow up to be my daughter”. And he is absolutely right. They brainwashed young impressionable children that have no concept yet of what their gender even is and yet the ideology is being forced upon them when they’re very young. Ask yourself this what can you convince a 5-year-old of.

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