“Fighter” by Tom MacDonald

The song “Fighter” finds Tom MacDonald using his own life story to act as an example of the mentality it takes to overcome obstacles. In terms of said obstacle the rapper, being 34 years old as of this dropping, seem to primarily allude to the notion of regretting having engaged in drug abuse during his earlier years. 

But finally, after failing in the past, Tom has achieved confident sobriety. And his ability to overcome these demons is something the vocalist is proud of and that also qualifies him to encourage others to do the same.

But what he is putting forth is of a wider scope than that. MacDonald is also able to speak as “a fighter” because it is self-belief which is fueling his successful yet non-mainstream music career. The way he perceives the situation is that all of us have the innate ability to practice faith, most simply put. So he is encouraging the audience along those lines, i.e. replacing self-doubt with high aspirations.

Lyrics for Tom MacDonald's "Fighter"

Credits for “Fighter”

Tom MacDonald wrote and produced “Fighter”. His partner, Nova Rockafeller, directed the track’s music video.

Release Date

Tom released “Fighter” on 4 November 2022. It is about the 10th single Tom dropped in the year 2022. A few of those were derived from “The Brave”, a collaborative album he also participated on in 2022 alongside fellow rapper Adam Calhoun.


Fighting Words from Fans

“Fighter” has garnered many heartful words and stories from fans, especially from those that are going through a difficult phase in life currently. It has been a form of motivation for them. Some of their stories are shared below:

A 49-year-old widowed, combat vet shared how he’s been feeling dead inside for a long time but “Fighter” has brought some life back into him.

Another fan shared how his son is being bullied in school and sharing this song with him has lifted his soul. He went on to share how he believes “Fighter” should be the anthem for anyone and everyone going through difficult situations, helping them to push through.

At 17, a MacDonald’s fan posted the good news of having just beaten cancer and he’s grateful for the release of this track.

Having lost his brother and role model recently, a fan felt like he was falling as he had lost someone whom he looked up to and who always had his back. This track has helped him believe in himself again.  

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  1. The Courage says:

    I have been going through a rough time because of the bullies at school and my uncle killing himself and I have been struggling with depression and I have wanted to die lately and this song really helped me see that some people out there still care and it gave me courage to fight back against the bullies and to fight for another day of life.

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