“10%” by Kaytranada (ft. Kali Uchis)

The lyrics of “10%” read as if Kali Uchis may be addressing the music industry or more specifically someone whom she is affiliated with via this profession, i.e. a record exec or what have you. 

Also based on the wording of the first verse, we would presume that this individual is perhaps a female whom Kali believes is envious of her. And that “envy” causes this person to do things that she or he shouldn’t. For instance, she is egotistical and unable to present her true self. 

Also, more to the point at hand is she being down with whoever it is that is trying to gyp the singer. So for the sake of simplicity, we can say that this individual is an intermediary between the vocalist and whatever record company or management she works for. And those two entities are teaming up to derive the singer of “10%” of her rightful earnings.

So now, Kali is demanding her balance – or “residuals”, as she terms it. And throughout she establishes a no-nonsense tone, which really comes to the forefront in the bridge. And the way she presents the situation is as if she really can’t understand why the addressee is working against her. Or under her estimation, such activities on this individual’s behalf are indicative of his or her personality flaws, i.e. the aforementioned envy.

So even though the lyrics of “10%” aren’t complicated, there is a lot going on therein. Or as we put forth earlier, this wording reads as if it is personal. And if so, there is only so much that can be captured in words. 

Or let’s say that this track is more emotional than it is factual. And besides being upset due to being regularly gypped, the vocalist also appears disappointed in the addressee – someone whom she clearly perceives as some type of friend or ally – for facilitating this immoral activity.

"10%" Lyrics

“10%” Facts

Primary Artist(s): Kaytranada
Featured Artist(s): Kali Uchis
Album/EP: “BUBBA” 

Was “10%” a single release?

Yes. It was single No.1 from the “BUBBA” album.


It was written by Kaytranada with assistance from:

  • Mervin Steals
  • Melvin Steals
  • McKinley Jackson
  • Kali Uchis
  • Colin Leonard

Production: It was produced by Kaytranada.


  • Hip hop

Release: December 9 of 2019


“10%” won the award, “Best Dance Recording” at the Grammys in 2021. It was nominated alongside the following songs:

  • “On My Mind” by Diplo & Sidepiece
  • “High” by Disclosure ft. Aminé & Slowthai
  • “The Difference” by Flume ft. Toro y Moi
  • “Both of Us” by Jayda G’s

Chart Performance:

  • US – 7


  • Flowstrong Cover -2020
  • T-Ray The Violinist – 2021

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