“Easier than Lying” by Halsey

“Easier than Lying” can actually be classified as a love song, albeit 2021 Halsey style. What that means is that there’s a hard dose of reality, as well as some religious imagery contained therein. Also, her narratives don’t tend to end like fairytales. 

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For instance, as revealed in the bridge, what the title of this song is actually based on is the singer coming to the realization that the person she loves does not feel the same, and accordingly she has decided to terminate their relationship. 

And even before coming to that decision this was definitely a tumultuous union, one in which yes, the vocalist has in fact proven to be a b**ch. However, this is one of those ‘I learned it from watching you’ types of scenarios. In other words, she attributes her ‘villainous’ character to being mistreated by the addressee. She’s basically become a reflection of her abusive lover.

But the vocalist is not a bad person per se. Rather, similarly to the track “I Am Not a Woman, I’m a God“, Halsey depicts herself as becoming coldhearted due to being devoid of love herself. 

And as can be gleaned, this relationship definitely isn’t helping matters any. In fact the way it has all played out has apparently led to the singer ‘losing all her faith’ in general.

What “Easier Than Lying” is all about

So from the onset, perhaps we could have more easily described this as a breakup song. But truth be told, the main sentiment being put forth isn’t one of hate or even discontent per se. Instead it’s more along the lines of having vested so much hope in this relationship that now, upon its dissolution, Halsey is an even colder person than she was prior.

"Easier than Lying" Lyrics

Facts about “Easier Than Lying”

“Easier Than Lying” is the third song to be found on “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power”. This project, which is a product of Capitol Records, is Halsey’s fourth studio album. And its release date was on 27 August 2021.

On the same day of its release, “Easier Than Lying” was named “Song of the Week” by the popular entertainment/music website Consequence.

As with the rest of the aforementioned album, this song was co-written by Trent Reznor alongside Atticus Ross. Interesting to note is that both of these men have been rockin’ even before Halsey was born. And to note, the songstress is 26 years old at the release of this track. 

John Cunningham, who has worked heavily with the late rapper XXXTentacion, is also a co-writer of “Easier Than Lying”.

The aforementioned Atticus and Trent, who by the way are the last two members of the classic rock band Nine Inch Nails standing, also produced this song.

Easier than Lying

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