“Whispers” by Halsey

“Whispers” is a song which, motif-wise, conjures up images somewhat similar to “Honey“, i.e. Halsey being caught up in some type of serious inner conflict. But in this case it is the need for love which is driving her insane, so to speak. 

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Well, perhaps that’s a euphemistic way of putting it. What the narrator comes off as, most simply put, is a sex addict. However, in the midst of analyzing the situation, she has come to the conclusion, in the second verse, that she ‘needs love so badly’. 

So the situation reads like one in which she is equating sex, even of the completely casual variety, with love, even though she knows such is not a viable substitute, i.e. said inner conflict.

That said, the chorus seemingly throws us in a completely different direction. Therein, “Whispers” transforms into one of those types we’ve been coming across regularly as of late in which the vocalist rather comes to the realization that she has the tendency to sabotage her own happiness, i.e. destroy close interpersonal relationships. 

So in trying to connect that idea to what has been put forth earlier, maybe what Halsey is saying is that due to destroying her close associations, i.e. romances, now she is compelled to browse the internet looking for a random bonking, which again is a less than ideal modus operandi.

The Conclusion of “Whispers”

Conclusively, in a way this song is too complex to try to boil down to just one thesis sentiment. But in an attempt to do so nonetheless, if nothing else it is clearly based on the concept of the vocalist being engaged in a sort(s) of internal, emotional conflict. 

But that noted, the titular “whisper”, once again in referring to the second verse, would actually be the inner voice of Halsey’s conscience, i.e. the part telling her that she should just chill out and emotionally heal, if you will, rather than making even more interpersonal decisions that she’ll ultimately regret.

Halsey, "Whispers" Lyrics

Writing of “Whispers”

This song was co-written and co-produced by the pair of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross, aka the Nine Inch Nails. And additional co-writers are Halsey and John Cunningham. The latter is a musician that apparently specializes more in composing emo rap than pop.

Date of Release

This track was released via Capitol Records on 27 August 2021. It is part of Halsey’s album that came out on that same day entitled “If I Can’t Have Love, I Want Power”.


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