Eminem’s “Farewell” Lyrics Meaning

The most logical explanation of the song “Farewell” is that Eminem is addressing a romantic interest, indeed his significant other. It has also been postulated, particularly considering the way he concludes the third verse, that he may rather be speaking to a substance, i.e. a drug he is “addicted” to. 

But the subject of this song indeed being the romance he has with his girlfriend is once again more plausible. And said association can best be described as a love/hate relationship. Or as we see at the beginning of the second verse, every sentiment of affection the narrator has for his sweetheart is also countered by a feeling of wanting to do her harm. But when all is said and done, he is very much in love. However, this love is the problem so to speak. And why is this the case? It is because the reality of the situation is that Eminem is caught up in a relationship so tumultuous that it is eating away at his soul. That is why he is likening the experience to being “in hell”. 

But ultimately, it seems that he has come to realize this lady is indeed his soulmate – despite how much she may cheat, how awful a partner he himself may be or how often they may fight.

Lyrics of "Farewell"

All in all, Eminem hopes he can say “farewell” to a toxic relationship. However, it’s abundantly clear that he lacks the courage to definitively do so.

Facts about “Farewell”

Eminem and Ricky Racks served as both co-writers and co-producers of “Farewell”.

Additional writers are as follows:

  • Luis Resto
  • Dave Kelly
  • Serani

This song was released by three labels (including Aftermath Entertainment) on 17 January 2020. The album it is featured on is Eminem’s “Music to Be Murdered By”.

Other notable tracks from this album are as follows:

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