Enigma is the name of a German musical project that was started in 1990 by musician and record producer Michael Cretu. Since it was established, the project has featured contributions from a number of different artists, including Cretu’s ex-wife Sandra. Below are some of the other musicians who have been involved with the Enigma project:

  • Andru Donalds
  • Frank Peterson
  • Aquilo
  • Ruth-Ann Boyle
  • Anggun
  • Andy Kanavan  

“MCMXC a.D.”, released in 1990, is the title of the first album from the Enigma music project. This album topped the charts in the UK and achieved a peak position of number 6 in the US. It was followed by another successful record “The Cross of Changes”, which dropped during 1993.

What Style is the Enigma Project?

The songs created by this German outfit best fit the following musical categories:

  • New-age
  • Worldbeat
  • Downtempo
  • Ambient
  • Electronica
  • Experimental

Famous Songs

“Return to Innocence”

“Sadeness (Part I)”

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