“Enigma” by Lady Gaga

The addressee of “Enigma” would be the singer’s romantic interest. More to the point, it seems to be a guy that she just met, i.e. a random hookup. And what she is telling him is that she ‘could be his enigma’. That would mean she could serve as a mystery to him. Or looked at from a different angle, what they do this night – and perhaps this night only – from a romantic perspective is up to his imagination. That is the simplest way of describing the message being put forth. So going as far as calling “Enigma” a love song would be a stretch. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Lady Gaga's Enigma at Lyrics.org.

“I’ll, I’ll be your enigma”

Also even though it has a strong sensual undertone, Lady Gaga is not demanding bedroom intimacy from the addressee. Rather we can say that the concept this song is actually based on is spontaneous and unpredictable romantic adventurism.


“Enigma” was the name of a concert residency Lady Gaga performed in Las Vegas from late 2018 ’til early 2020.

This is the 11th track on Lady Gaga’s album “Chromatica”. And initially, “Enigma” was actually going to be the name of the entire project.

Writing Credits for “Enigma”

Just like all the tracks on “Chromatica”, Gaga also co-wrote this one. In penning this tune, she worked writers/producers M.J. Burns, M. Tucker (also known as BloodPop) and J. Kasher.

Was “Enigma” released as a single from “Chromatica”

No. Here are the three singles Gaga released to market “Chromatica”:

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