“Mikrokosmos” by BTS

‘Mikrokosmos’ is a beautiful song that pays tribute to the special nature of each and every human being. When one listens to it, they get visions of star-littered galaxies and dreams. The lyrics express BTS‘ desire to make their fans and casual listeners feel special. More specifically, ‘Mikrokosmos’ is very much a celebration of humanity. The words speak of 7 billion lights that contain their own histories and personalities. BTS are clearly alluding to the 7 billion people who live on the planet. Together, they light up the vast sky above with their own personal stories and experiences. As a result, each person has an important role to play in the grand scheme of things.

Apart from the metaphorical themes, ‘Mikrokosmos’ is intended to motivate people and give them a sense of purpose. This song is for those who are going through their own rough patches. BTS have composed another worthy addition to their plethora of inspirational songs.  

‘Mikrokosmos’ was released by K-Pop boyband BTS on April 12, 2019. It can be found on their Map of the Soul: Persona project.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    The fact that they took ALL of their teenage years just to specifically make music for only their fans and make them feel a sense of purpose or comfort is just ethereal. For example, boy with luv isn’t abt them fling inlove. It’s literally dedicated to their fans and the lyrics show that even tho they’re rising to fame and getting “higher” (based on their popularity) they still just wanna go on the low and love and perform for only their fans. What did we do to deserve theses boys 🥺💜

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