“Fall in Love” by Bailey Zimmerman

Bailey Zimmerman’s “Fall in Love” is based on a situation where the singer’s girlfriend, most simply put, has deserted him – indeed the whole town even – to follow a rich guy. Bailey doesn’t particularly come off as a slacker himself. But he does let it be known that the here and now aren’t his best days financially. 

But when things were better, he treated his girl right, as exemplified by the fact that she actually left the ‘hood in an “old 4Runner” he bought her. So now, she comes off as being unappreciative, and perhaps one may even say a backstabber.

And perhaps you may be saying to yourself that the addressee shouldn’t be judged for making her own romantic decision. After all, the rich dude did proceed to, unlike the vocalist apparently, ‘put a rock on her finger’. But even the addressee’s own mother feels that she’s dumbed out, i.e. just packing up and forsaking the ‘hood to be with this guy, while she already “had a bed roses” with Bailey. And “the whole town” feels the same way. 

So what it reads like is the girl making some type of big mistake but, being caught up in the allure, not being able to perceive her movements as such.

Thesis Sentiment of “Fall in Love”

Concerning the actual thesis sentiment, the vocalist may come off as some type of hard rock in the first verse, as if he doesn’t care to see the addressee again. Yet as for the actual chorus, it is revealed that his heart is so broken that the message of this piece is that “you don’t want to fall in love”. In other words, this is an anti-romance song. And no, it is not so holistically. But what it seems like the vocalist may be doing more indirectly is warning his ex, using the example of her unexpectedly breaking his heart, that she shouldn’t expect her new man to hold onto her for long.

Bailey Zimmerman, "Fall In Love" Lyrics

Bailey Zimmerman

Bailey is a singer from Illinois who, according to Famous Birthdays, experienced his breakthrough in 2021 via a song titled “Never Comin’ Home”. However, as of the writing of this post, a couple of months after “Fall in Love” was released, by the looks of things Zimmerman has yet to gain global stardom proper.

And just as a side note, he is 22 years old as of this track’s release on 11 February 2022.

Fall In Love

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I heard this song for the first time a few weeks ago. It stopped me dead in my tracks! I love his voice! He has mad talent and I pray he finds the success he deserves.

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