“Never Leave” by Bailey Zimmerman

Bailey Zimmerman’s “Never Leave” is a song in which the narrator gets really philosophical in terms of, most simply interpreted, begging his girlfriend not to dump him. Reading in between the lines, it would appear that Bailey did something to her which may warrant such a reaction. But basically, at the gist of his argument is the assertion that to err is human.

Therefore, all emotions considered, the vocalist feels that he and the addressee parting ways would be extreme. Instead, in his mind they should endeavor to perpetuate their romance – as challenging as that may be at times – which is an effort he has already dedicated himself to. So now, Bailey is looking for a statement of likewise commitment from his significant other.


All in all, Bailey is vowing to himself to never abandon his sweetheart and is hoping to get a likewise statement of commitment from her.

lyrics for Bailey Zimmerman's "Never Leave"

Bailey Zimmerman

Bailey is a country-music singer. There really isn’t much info about his background readily available as of this track’s dropping, at a time when the musician is 22 years old. What is widely known though is that he grew up in Illinois, comes from a blue-collar background and first made a name for himself musically on the social-media circuit. 

In fact he was so successful via the likes of TikTok and Spotify that Bailey was signed by Elektra Records (as well as Warner Music Nashville) earlier in 2022. 

Release of “Never Leave”

The aforementioned labels put out “Never Leave” on 15 September 2022.

This track is the third single from Bailey’s first ever album, an EP titled “Leave the Light On”.


The vocalist wrote this song with Gavin Lucas, Chris Sligh, Mary Kutter and its producer, Austin Shawn. Bailey has implied that the narrative contained in “Never Leave” is based on his real life.

Never Leave

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