“Where It Ends” by Bailey Zimmerman

Usually when we come across these types of heartbreak songs, where the vocalist is putting forth that they never believed their significant other could do them decisively dirty, said vocalists are females. But in this case, we have Bailey Zimmerman exerting the same notion.

The addressee is presented as someone whom he was not only convinced he would ever “lose” but accordingly went on to defend whenever such an opportunity presented itself. Indeed what’s implied in the chorus is that she already cheated on and/or dumped him in the past, but he still “gave her a second chance”.

Furthermore, the second verse indicates that others tried to warn Bailey that homegirl wasn’t good for him. And even when he was personally able to perceive these “red flags”, in the name of love he ignored them. But at the end of the day, the addressee let him know straight up that she ‘don’t love him no more’.

That said, as put forth in the bridge, it isn’t like Bailey is kicking himself in the aftermath. To the contrary, he sees his relationship with the addressee as ‘the best thing that ever happened to him’. Why? Because in in the process of being dogged out by her, he learned “what true love shouldn’t be”. Moreover, after the vocalist did finally come to accept that their romance could no longer continue, he ‘found himself’, as in having experienced some type of major self-awakening, which is usually a good thing. Or let’s say more comprehensively that he has revolved never to be a sucker for love ever again.

All in all

So again, this is a somewhat unconventional piece. For instance, as a second example, usually when we deal with musings of a broken heart, the only sentiment that’s really relayed is one of emotional anguish. But in this instance, the vocalist takes allowing himself to be played by the addressee as a lesson in terms of what type of partner to avoid in the future.

Bailey Zimmerman's "Where It Ends" Lyrics

Bailey Zimmerman

Bailey Zimmerman, a country singer from Illinois, is a newjack on the scene. His maiden single, which goes by the title “Never Comin’ Home”, was just released in 2021. Since then he has scored a couple of solid hits in the form of the following 2022 songs:

“Where It Ends” is a track that Bailey, who is 22 years old at the time and, to note, has yet to come out with any albums, made public on 19 August 2022.

Who wrote “Where It Ends”?

Bailey Zimmerman is credited with authoring this tune alongside Joe London and Grant Averill. And the producer of “Where It Ends” is Austin Shawn.

Where It Ends

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  1. Chris Shepard says:

    I don’t care for country music much! That being said I f*%#ing love his song where it ends! You absolutely nailed it with this one man I can’t get enough! I’ve listened to all your music and I haven’t heard a bad song yet. That’s pretty crazy considering I’m a metal head! Good work man!

  2. aqucwa jeffers says:

    this song has a strong meaning to me

  3. bri says:

    I literally cry every single time I hear this song.

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