“Favorite Crime” by Olivia Rodrigo

On “Favorite Crime”, Olivia Rodrigo is singing to a toxic ex and about the relationship the two of them were involved in. And what she is basically doing is recounting how poorly he treated her. That is what the titular metaphor actually points to. The singer considers herself to have been the addressee’s “favorite crime”. Or another way of looking at that statement is that the way he treated her was criminal, yet he thoroughly enjoyed it.

So fundamentally, what we’re dealing with here is the narrator reminiscing on this union. She was very much in love with the addressee. But in hindsight, she realizes that the feeling was not mutual. This was something that her friends were able to pick up on even back then. But it was such that she would defend her sweetheart when he wasn’t around. 

And all lyrics considered, this is perhaps the aspect of that relationship which Rodrigo has come to regret the most. Basically she feels she played a “willing accomplice” to his crimes of the heart against her.

Then as far as the bridge is concerned, let’s just say that Olivia, herself still being a budding songwriter, is yet to learn how to properly utilize this part of song. But what it reads like she may be saying is something like she enjoyed her ex’s bad behavior when it wasn’t aimed squarely at herself. 

That is to say that the two of them used to behave mischievously together. Or something like that. The bottom line is that she ultimately regrets enabling his less-than-ideal behavior. The vocalist conducted herself uncharacteristically and even self-destructively in the name of retaining his love, which she ended up losing anyway.

All in all…

So whereas this is arguably another Olivia Rodrigo song which is mature beyond her young years, it definitely isn’t anything complicated. Indeed most of us with romantic experience, regardless of the age group, have likely allowed partners to do things which we now regret. And despite the at points perhaps overly-fancy wording of Favorite Crime, that’s essentially what the vocalist at hand is saying.  There were obviously some aspects of said romance she enjoyed also.  But all things considered, she regrets letting dude use her like that.

"Favorite Crime" Lyrics

Facts about “Favorite Crime”

“Favorite Crime” is the penultimate song on the playlist of Olivia’s hotly-anticipated debut album, “Sour”. The project itself came out on 21 May 2021. And the reason it was so looked forward to is because earlier this same year her debut single, “Drivers License“, proved to be a massive hit.

Olivia served as one of the co-writers of “Favorite Crime”. She accomplished the task alongside the track’s other co-writer and producer, Dan Nigro. Actually Nigro produced the entire album. He also played the following instruments on “Favorite Crime”:

  • drums
  • acoustic guitar
  • bass

The mastering of the track was handled by one Randy Merrill. Randy is considered one of the finest mastering engineers of his generation. He has worked with the likes of Lady Gaga, Adele and BTS.

This track was put out via the collaborative efforts of Geffen Records alongside Interscope Records.

It wasn’t one of the singles of “Sour”. “Sour” was actually preceded by only three singles, including “Drivers License”. The other two are:

Favorite Crime

Olivia Rodrigo

Prior to the dropping of “Drivers License” in January of 2021, people who knew Olivia Rodrigo knew as a Disney actress. And whereas she did make a name for herself in the regard she wasn’t exactly what you would refer to as a household name. She actually became globally famous for co-starring on a related program entitled “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” in 2019.

But since the blowing up of the aforementioned track in particular, she is considered to be perhaps the premiere up-and-comer in the music game as of the issuance of Sour. For example, Rodrigo has managed to make it onto the Time 100 Next list. And this is an important list that is comprised of way more than just promising music stars. 

Also she appeared on Saturday Night Live on 15 May 2021. Actually her appearance on the show was kinda unusual for someone who up until that point hadn’t even released an album. So the implication is that unless Sour ends up flopping, Rodrigo may well be on her way to becoming the next Taylor Swift. Actually many people are predicting exactly that!

12 Responses

  1. PB says:

    Yeah, no. She’s basically accusing him of statutory rape, which is exactly what happened.

    • Anonymous says:

      I got the same impression.

      • Anonymous says:

        Yup. She’s saying she had sex with him (when underage) so she could keep being his girlfriend. It’s very clear and the line “I was goin down but I was doing it with you” erases any doubt. Even though that line can be read multiple ways the song is very clearly about having sex to keep a boyfriend and the fact that she was 16-17 when she dates this person – the age of consent in California is 18. I think that when girls and women listen to the song they know exactly what she means. Maybe men don’t see/get it because they are much less likely to be pressured into sex in a relationship.

  2. unknown says:

    Uummmm i think i will stick with the website’s answer cause your guys are extremely dark

    • Anonymous says:

      shut up it’s true. just cause somethings dark doesn’t mean it shouldn’t b discussed

    • Anonymous says:

      I get it but I’m still on board w their answer it just makes sense cause like ‘favorite crime’ gives the impression that he was 18 or above and she was not when they had sex and that is illegal but he’d done that before w previous girlfriends

  3. Anonymous says:

    Yeah as someone whose been raped in the traditional sense and was also a minor involved with a 21 year old male I did not get statutory rape vibes from this song at all. I get a dude who was manipulative and semi abuse vibes and she allowed him to continue despite knowing better. I don’t get underage sex vibes at all…

  4. idk who was the ex :( says:


  5. Anonymous says:

    My interpretation is more personal and based on my own experience. To me, this song is about two people who “fall in love” although the guy is in a committed relationship, hence making their attachment or relationship a “crime”. However the girl is in love and happy to be a ” willing accomplice”. He’s girlfriend is the one left with a broken heart, whilst they are guilty and have four “hands bloody”.

    However, when the affair comes to light, the guys uses the girl as an “alibi” by blaming her for coming onto him as a ‘get out of jail free card’ which is the turning point for her as he “crossed the line”.

    The line that made me start thinking about my own experience is “Cause I was going down, but I was doing it with you, Yeah, everything we broke, and all the trouble that we made”. Even though they were at rock bottom due to the judgement and shame from their friends, at least they were comforted by the fact they were there together and the hurt and pain they caused was worth it because she thought she would end up with him.

    Finally, the song ends with “well I hope I was your favorite crime, ‘Cause baby, you were mine”. She confesses to the affair, but he was her favourite crime, and she would do it all over again.

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