“Traitor” by Olivia Rodrigo

Although it may feel like “Drivers License” and “Deja Vu” came out ages ago, in reality they were released just a few months prior to Sour, the album they ended up being featured on. The first of those especially proved to be a major success. It actually instantly ranked Olivia Rodrigo amongst A list pop singers, even though it was her debut single. 

And honestly, part of the reason the pair of tunes proved so popular is because at the time there was a trending, albeit purely-speculative love triangle thingy going on between Rodrigo and a couple of other teenish celebrities.

Well, it is becoming increasingly obvious that even if Olivia was not involved with Joshua Bassett, who was the male participant in those rumors, she did go through something emotionally damaging as far as romance is concerned. And that’s because this song, as its name implies within such a context, is yet another featured on Sour where she is lamenting how an ex basically dumped her for another lady. 

And as with the two aforementioned tunes – not to mention, to a lesser degree, also the likes of “Enough for You” – that third party also plays a prominent role in her lamentations. Indeed it would seem that what Rodrigo is “sour” about overall is getting dumped by a dude.

Narrator Played Dumb?

But on this particular song, as with “Favorite Crime“, she is once again taking part of the blame upon herself for ‘playing dumb’ while they were together. For as revealed in “Traitor”, she actually knew he was chatting with another girl behind her back. But in the name of not losing him she “kept quiet”.  Well, based on the paragraph above we already know how that worked out. 

And making matters even worse, on top of feeling betrayed is the dude seemingly rubbing the fact that he has a new girlfriend in Olivia’s face. But as implied by the title, it is that feeling of betrayal which is actually at the forefront. And again, the general disappointment, hurt and embarrassment is exacerbated by the fact that the songstress feels she rushed into this relationship in the first place.

Meanwhile we’re sitting back here like damn, little Olivia Rodrigo done practically went through a divorce already – crying about “the bed (she) made” with her significant other and all. But again, it is what it is. And we once again have to presume that she’s speaking to a more comprehensive reality than what she has personally experienced per se. 

Even if foundationally the addressee of “Traitor” is Joshua Bassett, the narrative was likely embellished to really drive home this feeling of heartbreak on behalf of the vocalist.

Lyrics to "Traitor"

Writing Credits for “Traitor”

Dan Nigro is the producer of this song. He also co-wrote it with Olivia.

Date of Release

Geffen Records put this track out on 21 May 2021. It was released along with “Sour”. At the time the 18 year old Olivia is a music sensation. She had actually dropped one of the hottest tracks of the year in January. And the said track is titled “Drivers License”.

Both “Drivers License” and “Traitor” appear on her maiden album, “Sour”.

Olivia Rodrigo’s “Sour”

Olivia Rodrigo

Prior to all of this she was better known as actress/singer. Most recently (and concurrently) she starred on Disney’s High School Musical: The Musical: The Series

She actually does alongside the aforementioned Joshua Bassett. Interesting to note is that Joshua also tried to capitalize on the Drivers License fame. He did so by releasing the following tracks of his own:

However, the projects were not very well received.

And note that the second season of High School Musical, i.e. the first since Rodrigo has become a pop star, began airing on 14 May 2021 via Disney+.

Olivia, Joshua and Sabrina Carpenter

There was a moment in time when there was a prevailing theory that Olivia and Joshua were dating. Those actually began circulating at the beginning of 2020. Then nearer to the end of that year, there were follow-up rumors that Bassett had actually left her – was cheating on her or however you want to say it – for Sabrina Carpenter. And yes Carpenter, who is a singer by profession, cast her lot in trying to capitalize off the Drivers License craze also. In doing so, she swiftly released the following tracks:

At the end of the day though it was only really Rodrigo who came out as a superstar. That being said, the notoriety of the other parties involved also actually increased significantly. And all of this for a rumor about a relationship(s), even though there has been lyrically evidence in some of those aforementioned songs that the speculations are true.

And if so, then “Traitor”, “Favorite Crime” and what have you, at least to some extent, would be based on Olivia’s past relationship with Joshua. But as time progresses and Rodrigo further establishes herself as a pop star, whether or not he’s the one she’s actually singing about becomes increasingly irrelevant.

Was “Traitor” a Single Release?

No. Olivia’s “Sour” album had the support of just three hit singles. These hits are:

Does “Traitor” make use of any samples/interpolations?

No. Actually only one of the songs on “Sour” does. And this song in question is titled “1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back”. The aforementioned song interpolates a 2017 track by Taylor Swift titled “New Year’s Day”.

Did Olivia Rodrigo shoot a music video for “Traitor”?

No, she didn’t.

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