Foo Fighters’ “Under You” Lyrics Meaning

On 17 May 2023, “Under You” became the second single issued from “But Here We Are”, which is actually Foo Fighters’ 11th studio album. 

This song was written by the members of the band, which for the past year has consisted of the below quintet:

  • Dave Grohl
  • Pat Smear
  • Chris Shiflett
  • Nate Mendel
  • Rami Jaffee

NOTE: The former four have been down with band since the 1990s. 

Under You‘s producer is the well-traveled Greg Kurstin, who presided over the entirety of the album.

The Lyrics of “Under You”

The title of this song, as rendered in the chorus, reads “someday I’ll come out from under you”. And in the context, what that phrase alludes to is the vocalist having a strong emotional attachment to a certain loved one, even though said individual is no longer in his life.

“There are times that I need someone
There are times I feel like no one
Sometimes I just don’t know what to do
There are days I can’t remember
There are days that last forever
Someday I’ll come out from under you
Out from under you”

It has been postulated by a number of outlets that this track was inspired by the death of Taylor Hawkins, who passed away in 2022 after drumming for the Foo Fighters throughout most of the band’s existence. 

And he may well be the addressee, based on a line in the second verse especially where Dave reminisces over certain pictures of him and this loved on “sharing songs and cigarettes”.

But whereas “Under You” can be taken as a song of bereavement, it’s never actually specified that the addressee is deceased. So the lyrics have a general applicability and can even be interpreted as this loved one still being alive, as the vocalist exercises the possibility of the two of them crossing paths once again.

In any event, it can be easily ascertained that this is someone who, to reiterate, the vocalist has developed a strong emotional/interpersonal dependency on. 

So as far as the thesis sentiment goes, what Dave is looking forward to, most simply put, is one day overcoming that dependency. And that particular disposition implies that he is longing finality on the matter, i.e. this relationship – for whatever reason – no longer being salvageable. So it may be that he’s mourning a deceased partner. The lyrics can be just as, if not more easily interpreted as the singer being unable to get over his ex for instance.

Your Thoughts about “Under You”

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This reminds me of an irrecoverable loss

“On March 25, 2022, I was faced with an irrecoverable loss. My dad sadly passed away. It was a day that will forever be etched in my memory, made even more poignant by the fact that it coincided with the loss of an exceptional drummer I greatly admired, Foo Fighters’ Oliver Taylor Hawkins.

The impact of those losses on me was devastating, leaving me with an overwhelming sense of grief. With the release of ‘Under You’, it feels like all those emotions are coming back and indeed ‘All this time it still feels like yesterday‘, just like a line in the song says. 

The song evokes both heartfelt emotions and deep sorrow. It is difficult to fathom the Foo Fighters without the incredible talent of Hawkins. The void left by his absence in the band is similar to that left by my dad’s absence in my life, something I know I will never truly overcome.”

– Ann Murphy

The sheer power of music

“I am amazed by how accurately ‘Under You’ captures the emotions I have been experiencing for the past few months. It feels as though the song wraps me in a comforting embrace after enduring a long and cold day.

Words cannot fully express the excitement and joy I feel about the Foo Fighters’ return to music after all they have been through. My musical perspective got transformed in May of 2023 when this song was officially released.

The song made me understand the power of music. It quickly became a source of solace and healing, tending to the wounds within my heart. The connection I have forged with this song is truly extraordinary. I am confident that in due time I will emerge from all these intense emotions and once again live life. Up the Foos!”

– Pat Donaldson

Let me drown myself in this song

“During my high school years, my parents went through a very bitter divorce. In looking for how to heal from all that was going on at home, I stumbled upon Foo Fighters. Songs like ‘Learn To Fly’, ‘All My Life’ and ‘Times Like These’ among others worked magic in helping me cope with the pain and the healing process for a wound that seemed insurmountable.

Now, as a freshman in college, I find myself still listening to their songs, ‘Under You’ in particular, albeit with a different wound to address. This time around it’s the fear of potentially losing my best friend due to the complex emotions I’ve developed for him, unsure of his feelings for me. At this moment, I guess all I can do is continue to immerse myself in ‘Under You’, with the hope that it provides the clarity I seek and aids me in getting out of this situation.”

– Mathias Bailey

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