“Nothing At All” by Foo Fighters

“Nothing At All” was officially released on the same day as most of the other tracks found on a Foo Fighters’ album titled “But Here We Are”. The project, which is the band’s eleventh studio album, was 2 June 2023. 

But the band debuted the song a couple of weeks prior, on May 21st, which was the same day they announced John Freese as their new drummer (in place of the late Taylor Hawkins). 

So it was the other members of the crew – Dave Grohl, Chris Shiflett, Nate Mendel, Rami Jaffee and Pat Smear – who were already around to get writing credit for this track. The track’s producer, as with the rest of “But Here We Are”, is Greg Kurstin, with this project being a product of RCA Records and Roswell Records.

The Lyrics of “Nothing At All”

These aren’t necessarily the easiest lyrics to make sense of. But presuming, as more or less implied, that the addressee is the significant other of the vocalist, it appears that what the latter is speaking to is his take on their seemingly freshly-ruined relationship. 

Being that they were presumably in love and all, now it’s as if there is a major void in Dave’s life. And that appears to be what he is indirectly referring to via his stated willingness to have “everything or nothing at all”.

In other words, he has come to accept that this relationship is really and truly over and therefore is not trying to salvage any aspect of it. Another way of theoretically making sense out of what Grohl is saying is along the lines of him wanting the complete love and commitment of the addressee, or he’d rather not deal with her at all. But again, that is just one way of trying to make sense out of this piece, which though clearly speaking to damaged romance isn’t really specific otherwise.

“Everythin’ or nothin’ at all
Everythin’ or nothin’ at all
Now that all the feeling is gone
Everythin’ or nothin’ at all”

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