“But Here We Are” by Foo Fighters

“But Here We Are” is the title track to Foo Fighters’ 11th studio album and the first they’ve dropped since the passing of the band’s longtime drummer, Taylor Hawkins, in 2022. 

Later that same year, Virginia Grohl, mother of frontman Dave Grohl, also left the mortal plane. So what has been generally understood, based in part of Foo Fighters’ own explanation of this project, is that some of the songs therein were inspired by those events. And this title track appears as if it may fall into that category.

“I gave you my heart
But here we are
Saved you my heart
But here we are
Oh-oh, oh-oh
But here we arе”

The phrase “but here we are” reads like one of defiance, as if the Foo Fighters are noting that they are present despite obstacles met along the way. The aforementioned events can definitely be counted amongst such experiences that could’ve inspired one or more of the members of the band to quit or perhaps made outsiders believe that they would do so. 

But as far as these lyrics are concerned, it appears that the band rather adopted what may be defined as sort of a que-sera-sera attitude.

In other words, what seems to be implied here is Dave being the type of person who has learned to keep things in perspective. As portrayed in the first verse, he doesn’t really come off as someone who believes in things he cannot see. So when it comes to close relationships for instance, either the other party is here, or they are not.

And that theoretical explanation is not to imply that Grohl and the rest of the crew are callous when it comes to the death of loved ones or the dissolution of romantic relationships. Rather, it’s as if they interpret such situations to be akin to unavoidable misfortunes in life. Therefore, when they do transpire, this type of mentality allows them to remain constant in terms of staying focused on their established goals, such as making music.


The members of Foo Fighters as a unit wrote this song, with its producer being one of their regular collaborators of late in Greg Kurstin. This is the full list of the writers of this song:

  • Pat Smear
  • Chris Shiflett
  • Dave Grohl
  • Nate Mendel
  • Rami Jaffee

And again, “But Here We Are” is the title track of their album that came out on 2 June 2023, with the support of RCA and Roswell Records.

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