Foo Fighters’ “Show Me How” Lyrics Meaning

On May 25th, 2023, RCA Records, in conjunction with Dave Grohl’s own Roswell Records, released “Show Me How”, which is the third single from Foo Fighters’ 11th studio album, “But Here We Are”. The first two singles that preceded “Show Me How” were:

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Credits for “Show Me How”

The official writers of this song are the individual members of Foo Fighters, aforementioned frontman Dave Grohl alongside his bandmates. In all, the credited writers for “Show Me How” are:

  • Dave Grohl (frontman)
  • Nate Mendel (bassist)
  • Pat Smear (guitarist)
  • Chris Shiflett (guitarist)
  • Rami Jaffee (keyboardist)

Also to note the crew recently added a sixth member as, on May 21stit was announced that drummer John Freese has joined the band, replacing the late Taylor Hawkins, who passed away about a year ago.

Meanwhile the producer of this track is Greg Kurstin, who has been working with Foo Fighters since the mid-2010s. And as an interesting side note, Dave’s oldest daughter, Violet Grohl, who is 17 as of this release, serves as a backup vocalist on “Show Me How”.

The Lyrics of “Show Me How”

The lyrics of this song are kinda open-ended and therefore can be interpreted in different ways. But perhaps the easiest way of making sense out of what’s being put forth is by taking for granted, based on what’s being relayed, that the vocalist feels a great sense of commitment and dedication towards the addressee. And he’s able to ascertain that this person is in need of his assistance, even if they never stated so.

Under normal circumstances having such a person in your life, i.e. one who is willing to “take care of everything from now on”, as this vocalist is towards the addressee, may be considered a blessing. But it’s as if, reading in between the lines, the former is under the impression that the latter may not be receptive to his presence. 

The chorus, as well as wording found in the second verse, further makes it sounds as if they are separated or estranged, as if the vocalist is approaching this situation delicately, with the understanding that he may well be rejected. 

“Where are you now?
Who will show me how?
Where are you now?
Who will show me how?”

Indeed, judging by the utilization of the titular phrase in the chorus, it may be that the singer doesn’t truly know how to love someone and is now looking for someone to guide him in that regard when dealing with the addressee. Or viewed from a different angle, it wouldn’t be out of the way to speculate, given his submissive tone, that his actions are the reason why his relationship with the addressee is less-than-ideal.

So taking all of that into consideration, it can conclusively be gleaned that Dave does truly love the addressee and is ready to do what he has to in order to, under his opinion, rightfully represent, which would be by taking care of this person’s need.

Show Me How


BRIAN says:

“I recently lost my father and these past few days have been filled with sorrow and grief, the weight of loss seeming almost unbearable. Luckily for me, in the midst of this darkness, ‘Show Me How’ emerged, and it is making me feel a lot better. Every note and lyric of this song speaks directly to my heart, providing a much-needed balm for my wounded spirit. I am overwhelmed by the beauty of this composition. To the Foo Fighters, I express my deepest gratitude for everything they have poured into their craft. In this moment, my heart is divided, carrying both the weight of grief for my departed father and an unwavering empathy for Taylor, my favorite member of the band whose absence and pain I keenly feel. May their souls rest in peace.”


“‘Show Me How’ makes me miss my grandmother who is no longer with us. I feel confused and frustrated, feeling like I’m going in circles and ending up back where I started. As I listen to the song, memories of the past resurface about the beautiful moments we shared. But I know everything will be ok moving forward, as I know I will continue to benefit from her guidance and support wherever she is. Overall, the song reminds me of my loss, and encourages me to be self-reliant. It makes me feel that it’s normal for me to feel these emotions associated with missing someone while acknowledging the need for me to move forward independently.”

BRANDY says:

“Can someone ‘Show Me How’ to overcome the difficulty of moving on after experiencing the loss of a loved one? For me, the track serves as a guiding light, illuminating the path towards dignity, grace, and peace as we remember and forge ahead. In the face of such profound loss, the song reminds me of the importance of cherishing the memories of my loved ones who have passed, while also finding the strength to move forward.

It offers a message of hope and resilience. Songs like this make it obvious that Foo Fighters’ ‘But Here We Are’ album will go places, not only due to the heartfelt nature of the songs, but also because of the circumstances that inspired their creation. I will always be grateful to Virginia Grohl, who supported and nurtured David Eric Grohl’s dreams from a young age, enabling him to pursue his passion resulting in such meaningful and impactful songs for the world. Her love and influence have undoubtedly shaped the artist he has become.”

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