“Hearing Voices” by Foo Fighters

“Hearing Voices” is the third track on the playlist of “But Here Are We”, the Foo Fighters’ project that record labels Roswell and RCA introduced to streaming services on 2 June 2023. Five of the six concurrent members of the band get writing credit for this track, and its producer is Greg Kurstin.

The aforementioned writers are as follows:

  • Pat Smear
  • Chris Shiflett
  • Nate Mendel
  • Rami Jaffee
  • Dave Grohl

Lyrics of “Hearing Voices”

Ultimately, “Hearing Voices” comes off as one of those types of pieces where the vocalist cannot stop thinking about the addressee, his loved one, who is no longer around. However in this case, that sentiment is more powerfully-worded than similar-minded songs we usually come across. 

In fact, given that one of the subthemes of “But Here We Are” is centered on the death of loved ones, it may even be postulated that the addressee was someone close to the vocalist who has passed away. But all lyrics considered, it reads as if this person is alive and furthermore a romantic interest. 

And perhaps the voices Dave is hearing in her absence are inner ones which are reaffirming that he indeed misses this special person.

But as implied in the chorus and second verse, even though their relationship once had a high sense of hope and a bright future, in the long run things did not work out as idealized. Or as Grohl puts it in the refrain, “nothing this good could last forever” and going on to further note that the addressee is a talented liar. 

So whereas he’s obviously reeling emotionally from their breakup, it’s as if he’s also trying his best to come to grips with the fact that the person’s no longer around.

“I’ve been hearing voices
None of them are you
I’ve been hearing voices
None of them are you”

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